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       One of the developmental strategies of the International Exhibition Center of Cool Cars is to effectively combine 8,000 square meters’ plaza space and 42,000 square meters’ indoor space in order to connect the lives brought by auto industry as one type of special consumer goods and formulate a cultural and creative industrial community of Cool Cars as one special humanistic environment, which will hold activities each week and produce news every month. 


Pictures of some of the activities


       One of the most essential development strategies of Tuner Tribe is to connect people’s life with automotive culture through numerous projects and activities in every week. The Tuner Tribe has established connections with governmental organizations, industry associations, manufacturers and civil societies in the USA, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, etc.. It also is communicated and interacted with targeting customers by theme events. Through these activities, the Tuner Tribe will become a hotspot for local citizens, as well as an ideal place for investors from all over the world.