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Tuner Tribe

       Tuner Tribe, featuring with personalized culture of cool cars, was established in September 2009, covering an area of 110,000 square meters. Invested by Nanmofang Township Government of Chaoyang District, Beijing City, Tuner Tribe is the only commercial street car culture in China created by a professional commercial team, featuring with personalized car modification, design and decoration. Since April, 2011, under the guidance of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, the professional commercial team has completely modified the project. The modified Tuner Tribe commercial street has become the headquartered park of modification, design, and decoration among the nation and the only national industrial area with an identity of personalized car cultures and cultural icons of cars.  Currently, it has become the model of first-tier cities in this area. “Tuner Tribe” will rely on the service functions of the optimized supporting service zone with distinctive personalized themes of car cultures and show its unique charm in car personalized modification and design decoration culture to the public.


Phase I Car Modification Par


Phase II Cool Cars Factory


 Phase III International Cool Cars Exhibition Center