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Core Values


       From preliminary positioning to future development, Tuner Tribe has been strictly following the concept of building the only featured economy of trading circles and industrial base in China, taking individualized car design and decorations as the carrier. It integrates the intellectual resources of concepts of car decoration design and individualized creative design in the Capital City, and complements the shortage of car cultural exhibition & exchange, creative design, safety knowledge popularization and education in this area, so as to improve the impact of the cultural industry of car decoration, refresh the industrial branding of car decoration culture, and enhance the development of featured service industry of car decoration culture.

● Learning
● Innovation
Knowledge determines one's destiny, and while attitude determines the action 
Being innovative, activating thought and embracing changes

● Team
● Share
High and efficient occupational capability to create the most competitive team
Abandon prejudice and traditions to advance and retreat all-together for the same goal.