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International Exhibition Center of Cool Cars

       Tuner Tribe International Exhibition Center covers a gross building area of 43,000 square meters. The architectural style will continue to adopt the positioning and overall style of Phase I and Phase II projects of Tuner Tribe, and extend the industrial chain scope based on the former operation industrial base.



       Tuner Tribe International Exhibition Center is open to the public by co-existence of multiple brands, integrating multiple functions such as high-end car sales, car culture shows, car customization, recreational places (No. 1 Cool Cars), organizing contests, and spreading car knowledge. The three years’ accumulation of experience and development of Tuner Tribe ensures its evident advantages in establishing an exhibition center in Beijing. The establishment of customs bonded warehouse located in 1st floor underground of the exhibition center has its uniqueness and distinctiveness in circulation, service, price and channels. The operation mode combines import modification fittings and car sales shows, embodying the strategic ideas of foresight in the overall development and differentiated operation of Tuner Tribe.




       Tuner Tribe International Exhibition Center will become the exhibition window of international car culture, the strategic leading force of international car technology, platforms for international car industry exchanges, as well as the new motive force of the development of sunrise industries.